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Acne Management at Integrity Skin Care
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The Integrity Skin Care Acne Management Program is a 12-week program that is beneficial for those with mild to severe acne who would like to avoid the use of Accutane.


The Integrity Skin Care Acne Management Program is a 12-week program of 6-10 bi-weekly acne treatments.

This program is beneficial for those with mild to severe acne who would like to avoid the use of Accutane.
In most cases, Accutane is not necessary, as oil production is not the direct cause of acne.

You will receive education on acne, as well as lifestyle and nutritional guidance, and home-care instructions.


When you come in to see me, we will have a one-one consultation and evaluate your skin to find out what and why your skin is doing what it's doing.

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Be prepared to talk about your diet and lifestyle as these things affect your acne.

Together, we will work out a doable acne treatment program for your clinical treatments and a home care regimen for you to use.

We will continue to work together to help you improve the condition of your skin.

It is important to not get stressed. Once you understand your own skin and know you are in control of your skin, your stress levels will reduce which will aid in helping your skin. You may have spots, but you can improve how many you have, how big they get, and the marks they leave.

There is a reason why the skin does what it does. The main problems with acne are:


1. Internal inflammation (diet/stress)
2. A disturbed acid mantle (over exfoliation)
3. Over production of skin cells (a genetic trait)
4. Sebum over-production (diet and hormone related)

5. The follicles become blocked by thick sebum and dead skin cells (nutrition/hydration/skincare)

6. A skin bacteria called C. Acnes can infect the blocked follicle and cause inflammation (symptom of above)


The genetic predisposition to acne requires the need for lifelong maintenance. You will need to learn how to manage your acne both topically and dietarily. Understanding the types of food choices that will benefit your skin and not exacerbate acne prone skin, as well as learning about topical skin management choices will help you to have clear skin without the need for drugs.


Many dermatologists may say that Accutane/isotretinoin is the only solution for acne, but it's really only the last resort. Isotretinoin can cause many devastating life problems (1, 2, 3, 4) and should only be used as a last resort if all diet and topical therapies have failed. Additionally, under the iPLEDGE program, all females of childbearing potential will have to register because of the risks associated with isotretinoin use. 


I offer extensive education on genetic acne management, hormonal acne management, and dietary management strategies. The skincare products I offer are affordable to help you manage your skin while staying in budget.

My Integrity Skin Care Acne Management Program uses specific non-comedogenic products in treatment and home care. You will be expected to purchase home care at your first visit and be expected to use it consistently to clear your acne. You will also be expected to follow an in-clinic treatment regimen that consists of acne treatments every two weeks that include extractions, and possibly LED treatment.



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All new acne clients must have a consultation to determine treatment program
Book Your Acne Appointment at Integrity Skin Care & Wellness



We will take appx. 90-120 minutes to do a general evaluation of your skin, lifestyle, diet, skincare history, and talk about your skin care goals and concerns. 


I will use skin diagnostic technology to look at your skin health in several areas and evaluate what is happening with your skin and how to best address your acne concerns.


At that time, we can discuss long or short-term treatment options and outcome expectations. Your commitment to your acne treatment program will determine your results.


It is expected that you will come in for treatment every two weeks for at least 12 weeks. Expect to make dietary changes to manage your acne.  


All new acne program clients MUST purchase home care and use products for 2 weeks prior to first treatment. 


Acne treatment is a long-term commitment of bi-weekly treatments in order to clear your skin. Be prepared to make a commitment to lifestyle changes, dietary changes, and your skin's health. 


Expect to purchase your first set of acne products at your first appointment. You must use MY acne products. 


120 minutes $150 

Acne Treatment facials to clear skin
Book Your Acne Appointment at Integrity Skin Care & Wellness


Prepaid series of six $480 ($80 each/$30 savings)


Every 2 weeks $85


Every 4 weeks $110


Every 3 months $135



Each acne treatment has a specific focus for what the skin needs at the time of treatment. Sometimes the skin will need more hydration, other times it will need more anti-bacterial and/or anti-inflammatory action. I will analyze your skin at the beginning of every treatment to assess which treatment would serve you best. You will be required to purchase my professional products to address your acne. 


90 minutes 

Blue LED light therapy kills acne bacteria



If you are in need of more intensive anti-bacterial action, LED Light Therapy may be chosen for you.  


90 minutes $35 add-on to single or single in series. 

Book Your Acne Appointment at Integrity Skin Care & Wellness
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