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Enzyme therapy to reduce scars
Thyroid scar reduction after 15 Enzyme Therapy treatments
reduce puffiness with enzyme therapy
Neck wattle after 1 Enzyme Therapy treatment
Comprehensive treatments on Bell's Palsy
Bell's Palsy
*LED Light Therapy
*Enzyme Therapy
*Muscle Banding
*Peptide Treatment
depuff and lift with microcurrent. Reduce inflammation with LED light therapy
4 weekly treatments of microcurrent and LED light therapy
Enzyme therapy brightens dull skin
Enzyme Therapy brightening treatment
microcurrent heals acne lesions
Microcurrent treatment in the treatment of acne
face reality acne treatment facials
3 bi-weekly acne treatments
reduce milia naturally with face reality acne treatment facials
Milia reduction using products and treatments only
Blue LED light therapy kills acne bacteria
Blue LED light therapy in the treatment of acne - kills acne bacteria and reduces inflammation
red LED light therapy reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen production
Red LED Light therapy for age management - stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation
microneedling programs to build collagen and reduce the appearance of acne scars
Wholistic microneedling - clinical treatment and home maintenance
80 year old before & after nutrient infusion treatment
1 nutrient infusion with microcurrent
peptide facial
Peptide treatment with microcurrent infusion
facial contour masshe is a form of fascia release to release tension in the skin
1 treatment of 60 minute facial contour massage - fascia release unfurls bunched up fascia that leads to wrinkles
Lifetime of corneotherapeutic skin treatment.
1970- age 36
2010- age 76
No face lift, no peels, no fillers, no botox.
holistic eye treatment with microcurrent
3 years holistic eye cream use with random microcurrent treatments
skin diagnostic equipment helps with correct product and treatment recommendations
Skin dignostic readings ensure correct product and treatment recommendations