Pigmentation Management at Integrity Skin Care


Integrity Skin Care & Wellness specializes in Nutrition-Based Aesthetics and Corneotherapeutic Treatments. What does this mean? Visit our page The Science of Corneotherapy to learn more. 


We approach the skin from a whole body perspective using nutrition as means to build healthy skin cells, including pigment cells, and integrating both diet and wholistic therapies into a comprehensive treatment plan. 


We know that skin is a site of response, and in Pigmented Skin a response means that your pigment cells are on alert, which can be from internal stimulation (hormones = melasma), surface irritation (trauma = post inflammatory hyperpigmentation [PIH]), or from sun exposure (UVB = sun spots).


We will tailor a clinical treatment and home care to your exact Pigmentation concerns. Our passion is skin and our aim is to educate you on yours. We will explain how it works, what it likes, and what it does not like. 

Together, we can make your skin beautiful.





Book Your Pigmentation Appointment at Integrity Skin Care & Wellness
all new reactive skin clients must have a consultation to determine treatment program



We will take appx. 90 minutes to do a general evaluation of your lifestyle, diet, and skincare products. We will use skin diagnostic technology to look at your skin health in several areas, and evaluate what is happening with your skin and how to best address your skin concerns.
You will receive a short "cleanse and cream" touch treatment to see how we work together and how your skin responds to products. 


At that time we can discuss long or short term treatment options and outcome expectations. Your committment to your skin will determine your results. 


All new Pigmentation clients MUST purchase home care and use products for 2 weeks prior to first treatment. 


Pigmentation is a long term committment of treatments and home care in order to restore an even skin tone. Be prepared to make a commitment to lifestyle changes, dietary changes, and your skin's health. 


Expect to purchase your first set of products from us at your first appointment. You must use OUR products. 


120 minutes $150