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The Science of Corneotherapy
Skin Care



*Integrity Skin Care & Wellness is Seattle's ONLY Corneotherapy Clinic!*


Integrity Skin Care & Wellness specializes in Nutrition-Based Esthetics and Corneotherapeutic Treatments.


What does this mean? 


I approach the skin from a WHOLE BODY perspective using skin repairing products, treatments, and nutrition as a means to build healthy skin. Integrating both wholistic therapies and diet into a comprehensive treatment plan. 


I know that skin is a site of response, and take each response into consideration to determine the root cause. By understanding the root cause of a skin condition, I am better able to create a treatment program that will actually result in the repair and rejuvenation of the skin. Root cause may be topical, or it may be internal. 

International Association of Applied Corneotherapy

As a member of the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, my wholistic therapies adhere to the principles of Corneotherapy which are:

"To correct and restore the stratum corneum and barrier defence systems, and to keep the epidermis intact at all times."


"Corneotherapy is an innovative and progressive skin treatment methodology that has proven it is possible to achieve a healthy skin with an optimally functioning innate immune system by preventing or reducing structural inflammation.

This approach leads to homeostasis and the improved function of the entire integument.

protecting against harmful substances and microorganisms, while keeping the epidermis intact at all times."
~ The International Association for applied Corneotherapy.

Several years ago, research dermatologists discovered the importance of maintaining the skin's protective functions, also known as the “skin barrier”, as an effective strategy in the treatment and prevention of various skin conditions. The strategy was soon coined Corneotherapy by Dr. Albert Kligman. In a nutshell, Corneotherapy is aimed at repairing the skin's most outer layer, the stratum corneum, and above all, at improving the barrier function and subsequently the health and balance of the entire skin, restoring homeostasis.


For the purpose of preventive Corneotherapy treatments it is essential to avoid skin care products with harmful substances such as irritants and allergens, to select the appropriate skin care substances and treatments, to individually adapt the skin care products and treatments to the specific skin problems and possibly change nutritional habits following a Corneotherapeutic consultation. This is a WHOLE-BODY approach.

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